stonehenge ——one of the unsolved mysteries

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  Stonehenge, a rock circle in the UK. 

   Stonehenge is not only one of Britain's most well-known historical spots, but also one of the greatest mysterious places around the world. 

     Every year, millions of visitors from far and near come. Every June sees the most visitors because they want to see the sun rising on the longest day of the year. 

    Why is it there? Who built it? When was it built? The following are some of the most popular beliefs. 

Belief 1: It was a temple for ancient leaders to communicate with gods. 

Belief 2: It was a kind of calendar. 

Belief 3: It was used as a medical helper. It might help prevent illnesses and keep people healthy.  

Belief 4: It was a burial place or a place to honor ancestors. 

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